KTM RC 390

Uncompromisingly Ready to Race!!!

A sports bike in its purest form. Reduced to the essentials. Agile, fast, suitable for A2 driving licence and extremely sporty. Whether you are on country roads or the racetrack, the Moto3 genes are perceptible in every manoeuvre and convey pure race feeling. The handlingsimply spectacular. The performanceincredible. The powerawesome. If any of you is wondering what RC means, well it means Race Competition, purely a race breed.


Features of  KTM RC 390




Telescopic fork - KTM RC 390

Telescopic fork

The KTM RC 390 high-quality upside-down fork from WP Suspension has the same 43 mm outer tube diameter as the RC8 R – which is real racing equipment that guarantees highest levels of stability and precision.

Frame - KTM RC 390


Visually similar to the lightweight and approved Duke steel trellis frame, the orange painted frame has been modified to better fit the supersport ergonomics and dynamics. According to KTM, with a 75-kilograms rider on board the weight distribution at 49:51 for front:rear is as neutral as it can possibly get. The increase of the steering head angle to 66.5 degrees results in a shorter trail, shorter wheelbase and increased ground clearance. All these modifications release the complete racing potential of the RC and guarantee quick, agile and playful handling.

Swing Arm

The light alloy swingarm with directly linked WP shock absorber excels by providing extreme torsional stiffness and outstanding tracking stability.

Instument Panel

The 100% digital LCD display has everything you could expect from a state of the art KTM motorcycle, 37 different information readouts including engaged gear, fuel gauge, 2 trip meters, low fuel indicator, low oil indicator, low battery indicator, clock, side stand alarm and service reminder information. Just like supersport racing machines an RPM alert indicates when is the best moment for shifting up ensuring a perfect shift.


Thin Tail

Fitting perfectly into the pure racing look, the number plate holder rounds KTM’s high performance bike off.

Integrated Blinkers

As a special feature the RC incorporates blinkers into mirrors structure, which not just looks very sporty but also contributes to the perfect aerodynamics.


Brand new twin headlight opens a new direction for KTM style and perfectly matches with the racing supersport look of the RC. It also sports a day time running led, which makes the RC look hotter.

Body Work

The brand new bodywork, footrests and pedals not only provide a unique supersport look but also help the RC to master extreme cornering by allowing a greater leaning angle, which means you can push harder in a tight curve.



Wheels - KTM RC 390


Equally lightweight as stable, the 17in orange painted cast light alloy wheels are fitted with grippy Metzeler tyres – 110 mm wide at the front and an impressive 150 mm at the rear, the same ones as the naked 390 is equipped with. The tyres impress with tremendous grip in both wet and dry conditions, as well as providing supreme durability.


A2 License

With a power/weight ratio of 0.2kW/kg RC390 is right at the limit of the new A2 driver´s license, making the new KTM RC390 the sportiest option for A2 riders (above 18 years of age).


Wheels - KTM RC 390

Standard ABS - Anti-lock Braking System

Anti-lock Braking System is equipped as standard on every RC 390, ensuring maximum safe on any road condition. When taking the RC to the racetrack ABS is of course disengageable. Though it is fun riding it with the ABS disengaged, it is difficult to handle it, so be careful when you plan to ride it without the ABS.



Racing DNA




Telescopic fork - KTM RC 390


The state-of-the-art, liquid cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke 375ccm engine with twin overhead camshafts, four valves and electronic fuel injection, already equipped in the Duke 390 provides outstanding power and thanks to the balancer shaft, delivers the highest level of smoothness. Because of the KTM-typical compact design with stacked transmission shafts the engine has an unbelievable low weight of 36kg. Combine that with technical details like a forged piston, Nikasil-cylinder-coating and forced feed lubrication with power-promoting body-evacuation and you get an engine which provides a remarkable 44hp. The engine is equipped with an electric starter powered by a 12V/6Ah battery.



KTM developed in cooperation with Brembo a powerful and easy to control brake-system which allows the rider to be always in control of the RC 390. A four piston radially bolted caliper in combination with a single brake disk (300mm diameter) in the front and a single piston floating caliper with a single brake disk (230mm diameter) for the rear wheel guarantee excellent braking response even under the most extreme conditions.

Pillion ride seat

In order to make no compromises in terms of supersport look the KTM engineers integrated the pillion seat into the bodywork lines so that it looks like a real racing bike tail, not very comfortable for the passenger on long rides as it is too narrow. And yes, it does have an underseat grab-rail which functions quite well.

Frame - KTM RC 390

Triple Clamps

The brand new forged aluminium triple clamps are eye-catchers and together with the clip on handlebars guarantee a pure supersport racing feeling.






Wind Shield - KTM RC 390

Wind shield

The advanced design wind shield in combination with the aerodynamic optimized motorcycle front ensures incredible wind protection for rider’s chest and arms.




The two-part seat offers first class supersport ergonomics with perfect support for rider and pillion. With a seat height of 820mm it enables the rider to have a secure stance while also being high enough for sporty use and real big-bike feeling.


Fuel Tank

A brand new steel fuel tank with 10 litre capacity (including 1.5 litre reserve) has been developed for the RC, perfectly matching the supersport style and vehicle design, together with rider ergonomics. Thanks to the economic engine the RC achieves impressive efficiency even when ridden hard for a considerable distance.


Handle bar - KTM RC 390

Handle bar

Brand new clip on handlebars and switches contributes to a sporty and aggressive riding position combined with advanced control.


KTM RC 390 Specifications

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KTM RC 390 Colors

Available in one colour – White

KTM RC 390 Price

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