How to clean motorcycle helmet at home

It is always important to make sure your helmet is clean. The sweat and dirt can spoil your helmet and helmet liners, so it is essential to wash your helmet from time to time to make the helmet more durable. It will only take approximately 25-30 mins to clean the helmet and then approx 24-48 hours to dry. Here is a simple procedure to wash your helmet at home.

Things you should never do :

  • Do not use a glass cleaner. It contains ammonia which reduces shadow proof qualities associated with poly carbonate.
  • Do not apply any kind of detergents on a coloured visor. Use plain water and a soft cloth or wet wipes.
  • Do not dry the liners or the helmet in direct sunlight. Dry it in shade, preferably outdoors so that it will dry faster.
  • Do not squeeze the liners when washing with water, it will damage the liner. A gentle press will do.
  • Do not use Spray detailer. It contains petroleum distillates which are good for your bike but it will be harsh on helmet finishes.

Things you will need :

  1. Bucket / Tub
  2. Water
  3. Small Brush
  4. Hand wash liquid

 Items needed to clean motorcycle helmet

Fill half the bucket / tub with luke warm water and add hand wash liquid to it. Remove the visor of the helmet (Refer the helmet manual) and strip out the inner lining. If your helmet liner can’t be removed, dip the helmet in water and follow the same procedure.

strip the inner lining of helmet

First clean the visor in the bucket using your hands as shown in the picture below. Note – Do not use any kind of detergents or solutions to clean coloured visor, it will damage the visor.

rubbing the visor using fingers washing helmet visor









Now clean the inner liners in the same manner. Do not use any kind of brush as it will damage the fabric, gently rub it using the fingers in one direction.

Helmet Inner liner rub the helmet liner using fingers

dip the helmet liner in water

Remove the liner from the bucket after the dirt is removed and press it as shown in the below pic to remove as much as water as possible.

Press the helmet liner to remove water

Do not squeeze the liner as it will damage the liner.

do not squeeze the helmet liner

After washing the liner, now its time to wash the shell. Dip the shell of the helmet in the water and using a soft brush you can gently rub the surface, both inside and outside the helmet.

helmet shell cleaning

helmet shell washing

Dip the shell in water so that the air vents get cleaned

helmet shell brushing

Gently brushing the helmet shell

Finally its time to dry the liner and the helmet shell. Remember, do not dry the helmet or the liner in direct sunlight, place it in an open space in shade for a day. After it dries up completely you can put the liners back in the helmet. There you go, your helmet is now ready for your next ride!